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Floor Scales

Floor Scales and Heavy Duty Economical Floor Scale for Basic Industrial Applications

Laboratory Balances

Laboratory Weighing Balances and Scales for the Laboratory

Gold Balances

Our Balances Mean Business Absolute precision for diamonds and gemstones: our balances deliver accurate, trustworthy and repeatable results.

Jewelry Balances

Our Balances Mean Business Everything you need for efficient day-to-day business: indestructible and reliable balances made in Switzerland.

Truck Scale

truck scales for truck & rail weighing applications! Longevity · Protect Profitability · Superior Strength

Standard Weight

Perfectly designed to support testing and calibration of industrial scales , Premium-quality weights to satisfy stringent testing requirements

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Sotic is an important company and marketing consultant that works closely with major customers in Egypt and middle east. We are focusing most of our activity in the fields of industrial, scientific, metrology and research equipment.

It is Sotic’s policy to invest in its own people providing quality training to help its staff make use of technology and accept new job responsibilities. You can be sure to receive the most up to date service from people who have in-depth knowledge of their products.

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