T24PE Indicator

Designed for Dependability and Durability at a Practical Price! The OHAUS Defender 2000 indicators offer OHAUS’ signature accuracy for commercial and industrial weighing applications at an unbeatable price. Depend on the OHAUS Defender 2000.Series when you need accuracy you can count on while maximizing your budget. Standard Features Include: • Enhanced Functionality Beyond Standard Weighing Provides Operation for Additional Applications—In addition to standard weighing mode, this economical indicator also features parts counting and accumulation functions. • Easy-to-Read Red LED Display Can Be Viewed in Even the Dimmest Industrial Conditions— Defender 2000 indicator’s red LED indicator clearly displays results that can be seen in locations with less than optimal lighting. • Versatile Power Capabilities Provide Unrestricted Operation Wherever Your Weighing Needs Are—An AC adapter and internal rechargeable lead acid battery provide options for powering your Defender 2000 indicator. Other Standard Features and Equipment ABS plastic housing, red LED display, tactile mechanical keys, optional RS232C with manual/continuous/ interval printing, hardware configuration lockout switch, internal lead-acid rechargeable battery and AC adapter. Software included for parts counting mode with selectable sample sizes and weighing totalization (Accumulation) functions. Selectable span calibration points Compliance • Product Safety: IEC/EN 61010-1 • Electromagnetic Compatibility: IEC/EN 61326-1 Class B, Basic environments

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Up to 20000 kg

Maximum Displayed Resolution


Weighing Units

kg, g, lb

Application Modes

Weighing, Parts Counting, Accumulation


ABS plastic housing


6-digit, 7-segment red LED, 20 mm high digits


4 function mechanical keys, raised, tactile

Load Cell Excitation Voltage


Load Cell Drive

Up to 4 × 350 ohm load cells

Load Cell Input Sensitivity

Up to 3 mV/V

Zero Range

2% or 100% of full scale capacity

Tare Range

Full capacity by subtraction

Stabilization Time

1 second

Auto-Zero Tracking

Off, 0.5, 1 or 3 divisions


AC adapter with internal rechargeable lead acid battery

Battery Life

80 hours continuous use with 12 hour recharge time


Optional RS232

Operating Temperature Range

-10°C to 40°C

Housing dimensions (W × D × H)

210 × 168 × 80 mm

Net weight

1.4 kg

Shipping weight

2.4 kg

Shipping Dimensions (W × D × H)

272 × 235 × 175 mm

Compact Printer RS 25

USB-P25, RS-P25, RS-P26, RS-P28 Compact Printer Range No matter which METTLER TOLEDO instrument is connected, you will always obtain a printout that meets the quality standards. Handwritten entries in laboratory journal notebooks are time consuming and can be a source of transcription errors. Records on the METTLER TOLEDO normal and adhesive printer paper help to avoid such mistakes. The printouts can be archived and at any time provide proof of the original weighing data Fast and reliable Whether you deal with simple or sophisticated applications, the printer generates fast and clear hard copies of your results Print in your language The Compact Printer supports the connected instrument languages, whether it operates in English, Russian, Chinese (balance), and Japanese or in any other language. Choose the right model Choose RS-P25 / USB-P25 for simple printouts, RS-P26 with built in real- time clock and date or RS-P28 with the extended Statistics and Totaling applications Auto settings detection The Printer automatically detects the settings of the connected device. Thanks to this feature no manual setting changes are required.

Compact Printer RS 26

Compact Printer RS 28

Auxiliary Display